Nuctech MW1000AA
Body Inspection System

A high-throughput, field-proven body screening system, Nuctech’s MW1000AA Body Inspection Device leverages non-ionizing Millimeter Wave (MMW) technology to automatically detect concealed objects hidden inside or underneath clothing.
Utilizing a three-dimensional holographic microwave imaging technique with neural network-based deep learning, MW1000AA detects potential threats-including metal and non-metallic weapons, IEDs, liquids, narcotics and other contraband-in just two seconds from a single, stationary position. No special movements by the person being screened are required.
Engineered for lower power consumption and reduced footprint to integrate into all checkpoint configurations, MW1000AA is optimized for personal security inspections at airports, customs, transportation facilities, correctional facilities, government installations and critical infrastructure.

Technical Features

  • Active Millimeter Wave Imaging Technology: No ionizing radiation emitted
  • Superior Inspection Capability: Detection of weapons, explosives, narcotics and contraband in approximately two seconds
  • Privacy Protection: Generic image displayed to protect privacy
  • Multiple Operational Modes: Remote monitoring capabilities with easy integration into existing checkpoint and central station configurations
  • Environmentally Friendly: Low power consumption with a small footprint and wide channel to allow wheelchairs
  • Field Tested: Achieved ECAC Security Scanners (SSc) standard A2 and CAAC level A


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