Baggage & Parcel Screening

Nuctech’s high performance range of body inspection devices are designed to quickly and easily detect prohibited items concealed on or inside the human body. Using the latest in imaging technology our scanners deliver clear, high resolution images and reduce the need for physical “pat-down” screening including body scanner options to replace the need to strip search.
Nuctech body scanners can identify metallic and non-metallic weapons, explosives, and narcotics and are fully customizable for use across a number of security check-points including Correctional Facilities, Police Cells, Courts, Customs and other Government agencies.
We work with our clients to ensure Nuctech products meet State and Federal Government and health and safety requirements for radiation dose exposure limits as well as international standards such as the International Atomic Energy Agency and American National Standards Institute. In line with Australia’s strict privacy obligations Nuctech body scanning devices comply with all relevant legislation as well as the policies and procedures of our clients regarding the collection of personal information.
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Kylin Ti


Kylin MV

The Kylin Series of hand luggage inspection systems integrate dual energy computed tomography (CT) or dual energy multi-view X-ray technology into a checkpoint solution that screens hand luggage quickly and accurately while reducing divestitures and potentially dangerous manual inspections.
With high belt sped and compact dimensions, Kylin is optimized to screen baggage at checkpoints including in airports, customs facilities, critical infrastructure, and government installations.

Technical Features

  • High detection, low false alarm rate with (0.2m/s) belt speed
  • Sharp and rotatable 3D image (Kylin Ti) and multiple-view images (Kylin MV)
  • Flexible CONOPS: ECAC EDSCB C3 (Kylin Ti) and C2 (Kylin MV) approved
  • Integration with Automatic Tray Return Systems and Centralized Image Processing
  • Expandable AI detection for weapons, lithium batteries, and customized items
For technical information and operational solutions please contact us to gain access to our client portal