Nuctech’s high performance range of body inspection devices are designed to quickly and easily detect prohibited items concealed on or inside the human body. Using the latest in imaging technology our scanners deliver clear, high resolution images and reduce the need for physical “pat-down” screening including body scanner options to replace the need to strip search.
Nuctech body scanners can identify metallic and non-metallic weapons, explosives, and narcotics and are fully customizable for use across a number of security check-points including Correctional Facilities, Police Cells, Courts, Customs and other Government agencies.
We work with our clients to ensure Nuctech products meet State and Federal Government and health and safety requirements for radiation dose exposure limits as well as international standards such as the International Atomic Energy Agency and American National Standards Institute. In line with Australia’s strict privacy obligations Nuctech body scanning devices comply with all relevant legislation as well as the policies and procedures of our clients regarding the collection of personal information.
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HT Series
Body Inspection Systems

The HT Series of inspection devices combine advanced low-dose X-ray imaging technology and an ‘open tunnel’ walkthrough design to deliver efficient, contact less people screening solutions.

Key Features

  • Active Millimeter Wave Imaging Technology: Utilises non-ionizing radio wave frequency
  • Superior Inspection Capability: Detection of weapons, explosives, narcotics and contraband in approximately two seconds.
  • Robust Privacy Protection: Generic image displayed and no collection or storage of identifying personal information .
  • Multiple Operational Modes: Remote monitoring capabilities with easy integration into existing checkpoint configurations.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Low power consumption.
  • Accessible Design: Wide channel to allow wheelchairs.
  • Quality Tested: Achieved ECAC Security Scanners (SSc) standard A2 and CAAC level A.

HT Series Body Inspection System HT2000GA


Nuctech HT2100SV Body Inspection System


Nuctech HT2100DV Body Inspection System

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Body Inspection Systems

The NUCTECHTM BI2002 Body Inspection System reliably and accurately detects both metallic and nonmetallic threats and contraband concealed inside the body and artificial limbs, beneath clothing, and hidden in shoes.
Utilizing field-proven low dose X-ray imaging technology and enhanced privacy protections, BI2002 is optimized for performance in highly trafficked areas including customs, airports, rail transportation stations, prisons, and mines.

Key Features

  • Extra low dose X-ray transmission imaging
  • Advanced X-ray generators optimized for body screening, high resolution detector technology, and creative system structure enable unparalleled image quality
  • Minimal X-ray radiation exposure to human body by using variable X-ray doses for persons of different sizes, filtering useless soft X-rays, and scanning region of interest only
  • Full radiation protection with close to zero X-ray leakage and no requirement for extra radiation shielding structures
  • Powerful network capabilities with compatibility and seamless extendibility
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MW Series
Body Inspection Systems

A high-throughput, field-proven body screening system, Nuctech’s MW1000AA Body Inspection Device leverages non-ionizing Millimeter Wave (MMW) technology to automatically detect concealed objects hidden inside or underneath clothing.
Utilizing a three-dimensional holographic microwave imaging technique with neural network-based deep learning, MW1000AA detects potential threats-including metal and non-metallic weapons, IEDs, liquids, narcotics and other contraband-in just two seconds from a single, stationary position. No special movements by the person being screened are required.
Engineered for lower power consumption and reduced footprint to integrate into all checkpoint configurations, MW1000AA is optimized for personal security inspections at airports, customs, transportation facilities, correctional facilities, government installations and critical infrastructure.

Nuctech MW1000AA Body Inspection System

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TH Series
Standoff Terahertz Imaging Instrument

The NUCTECHTM TH1800 Standoff Terahertz Imaging Instrument combines automatic detection of objects concealed under clothing including weapons, explosives, IEDs, liquids and narcotics, with contactless and accurate temperature measurement.
Powered by passive Terahertz imaging and advanced infrared technologies, TH1800 is equipped with HD cameras which can display terahertz, infrared and optical images at the same time to assist the operator in the detection of contraband and monitoring temperature.
Engineered for maximum privacy and mobility to enable quick deployment and movement, TH1800 is ideal for the rapid screening of people at airports, customs facilities, rail transportation, hospitals, government facilities, special events, retail stores, and other types of checkpoints.

Technical Features

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  • Passive THz Technology: No ionizing radiation emitted
  • Infrared Thermography: Measure abnormal body temperature. Error≤±0.3oC
  • Rapid Screening: Non-contact body screening without stopping
  • Large Field of View, High Throughput: Detection distance up to four meters, throughput more than 2,000 people per hour
  • High Contrast: Detects concealed objects with centimeter-level accuracy
  • Covert and Easy Deployment: Small footprint, plug and play
  • Privacy Protection: No detailed body surface features
  • Superior Detection: Deep learning to automatically detect potential threats

BX Series
Body Inspection System

The BX Series Body Inspection Systems are high performance, efficient people screening solutions designed and manufactured by Nuctech. Employing the latest ultra-low-dose X-ray backscatter imaging technology and a unique X-ray flying spot scanning mechanism, BX Series systems ensure high-quality, privacy protected images and the reduction of physical “pat-down” inspections.
The BX Series can seamlessly detect metallic and non-metallic weapons, explosives, and narcotics concealed under or within clothing. The BX Series is customizable and optimized for personal body inspections at transportation centers, correctional facilities, airports, customs, border crossings, government installations, and other security checkpoints.

Technical Features

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  • Contactless, high throughput inspection
  • High-quality images, nonmetal/metal detection
  • Complies with ANSI N43.17 and IAEA for radiation dose limitations
  • Robust privacy protections
  • Radioactivity monitoring (RM)
  • Network data transmission and remote monitoring